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I wrote all my plot bunnies here


please ignore the non Supernatural plotbunnies unless it's a crossover or you can make the non Supernatural one into crossovers

Twenty-One Random Bunnies on the Wall

If you're nice to me I'll share some with you.
JK, JK, just take them.
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homocide detective AU

I saw this movie a while ago, but it just hit me that it could be bunny material. I originally thought it was a crime drama, but as it progressed it became more supernatural (little s). It's called Fallen. The exact plot isn't that important to the prompt.Collapse )

I'd like to see a fic where there is a captured serial killer who turns out to be possessed by a demon, and then the demon escapes from the captured body and begins to kill again. At first they think it's a copy cat, but then they begin to realize what's going on.

Sam and Dean can either:
both be homicide detectives who have never had anything to do with the supernatural before now
one is a detective and one is either a priest or a demonologist (someone who knows about the supernatural, but has never encountered it).

If you can work in Castiel as an angel they get to help catch the demon, I would love it.

Romance shouldn't be the focus, but if you want to include a pairing, I prefer slash ;)


I have fallen in love with Castiel/Sam recently and just can't get enough of it. But I have yet to read a fic that I have been daydreaming about.

Back when Castiel first appears, he tells Dean that he tried talking to him but all Dean would hear was the loud shaking of the earth and the breaking of glass. And it put two very awesome ideas in my mind.

1. When Alastair is about to send Castiel back to heaven and Sam stoppes him before he could complete his work, what if Sam was able to see what Castiel really looked like and comfronts Castiel about it later on and well.... the story goes on from there.

2. What if God had planned a pre-Supernatural meeting between Sam, say when he is bearly a teen, and Castiel (in his true form) because he knew what Sam would turn to demon blood and wanted to make sure Castiel would pretect Sam as he does Dean, despite that. If Castiel is Sam's gaurdain angel or it's just a one time thing is up to the author but Castiel has to be moved by Sam's compationate spirit or love for his family and Sam has to remember Castiel (who could forget meeting an angel) but doesn't have to know that it's Castiel inside the vessel or that the angel he meet when he was younger was Castiel in his true form.

I would be happy if someone would take a chance and try writing either of these (#2 is my favorite obviously lol) and I would read it religiously. Just tell me where to go in a comment.

Mod Note

Hey, everyone, just a little reminder than this community isn't dead, just new.

I want to kind of encourage everyone to post. Whatever kind of bunnies you want, we're not picky. The more ideas we post, the greater the chances we have of people joining and fulfilling those ideas.

Your mod,


Dean/Cas or Cas/Dean. Post-ep for 4.20 The Rapture, established relationship, sort of hurt/comfort. Any rating.

Dean never thought much about the fact that Castiel was possessing somone, but after meeting Jimmy Novak, he's a little freaked out. Now, not only does he have to worry about his brother's addiction to demon blood, but also the fact that the body he's slept with belongs to a man he's never spoken to, and Cas being more distant than usual isn't helping.
After being forcibly taken back to Heaven, Castiel is trying to seperate himself from his emotions, and recommit himself to Heaven. All the same, when he sees how confused and upset his lover is, he can't help but want to reassure Dean.

After seeing the episode, this bunny started gnawing on my brain. But I'm new to the fandom, and not sure I can do the characters and series justice. If this bunny sounds interesting to you, please adopt it!