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homocide detective AU

I saw this movie a while ago, but it just hit me that it could be bunny material. I originally thought it was a crime drama, but as it progressed it became more supernatural (little s). It's called Fallen.  

It's about a detective who has captured a serial killer. The killer has been executed, but other murders are being committed in the same way. The new killer leaves clues, and the detective follows them to an old farm house where another detective killed himself years ago. He finds a lot of information on demonology, particularly that they can move from person to person by touch, and also the name Azazel. When he goes to the daughter of the detective who killed himself, who is an expert on demonology, she tells him that his serial killer was actually possessed by the demon Azazel. The demon is now possessing other people, and he's coming after the detective.

I'd like to see a fic where there is a captured serial killer who turns out to be possessed by a demon, and then the demon escapes from the captured body and begins to kill again. At first they think it's a copy cat, but then they begin to realize what's going on.

Sam and Dean can either:
both be homicide detectives who have never had anything to do with the supernatural before now
one is a detective and one is either a priest or a demonologist (someone who knows about the supernatural, but has never encountered it).

If you can work in Castiel as an angel they get to help catch the demon, I would love it.

Romance shouldn't be the focus, but if you want to include a pairing, I prefer slash ;)


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