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Twenty-One Random Bunnies on the Wall

If you're nice to me I'll share some with you.
JK, JK, just take them.

Three-for-the-price-of-one bunnies:

I was thinking, it’s said that Mary and John are the most common names. Then I thought, what if those weren’t their real names? What if they were in witness protection? Three bunnies were spawned from this-

  1. Somehow, ‘Mary’ and ‘John’ run afoul of some bad guys (all human) and get put in witness protection by the police. It’s the least of their problems, what with hunting demons and having kids and all, and they never get around to telling their children. After Mary’s death and John’s disappearance, the bad guys find out about their new life as the Winchesters, and they come after Sam and Dean.
  1. ‘Mary’ and ‘John’ got a fellow hunter to make fake papers for them, so that any demons they met up with wouldn’t be able to hurt them by going after their families and friends. While traveling, Sam and Dean meet up with someone who they later learn is their cousin from John’s side of the family.
  1. The demon that killed Mary was possessing a human, possibly a member of the mafia, and killed her in an entirely human way. John never knew it was a demon, and the authorities, thinking it was a mob hit, put the family in witness protection. He taught Sam and Dean how to defend themselves from humans, but never from monsters. Then one day while Sam’s away at Stanford, John disappears. Dean calls Sam back, and while looking through the house they find Mary’s old things- including a hunting journal.

And other bunnies not on sale:

  1. John, an ex-marine settling down to raise a family, goes back to the job after the tragic death of his wife, forcing his two young sons to travel around the country with him to various military bases. Whether or not the boys end up as hunters is up to you.
  1. Sam has always wanted nothing more than to escape his family and live a normal life. When he gets accepted to Stanford, he finally can. Then one night he has a dream of a demon telling him that he’s gotten his wish, so now it’ll take something from him in return. The next day Dean comes to tell Sam that their father has disappeared.
  1. RPF- Jared and Jensen are great actors, sure, but that wasn’t the only reason they were cast as hunters. They’ve known about the supernatural, and hunted it, for years. And they still do on weekends.
  1. J2- the boys find the hubpages dedicated to them (Ten Reasons to Drool Over Jensen Ackles and Ten Reasons to Drool Over Jared Padalecki). They tease each other unmercifully, but it makes one (or both) of them start to think about the other in ways he never had before...
  1. J2- In college, Jensen (or Jared) had a fling with a guy, and it ended badly. Now that he’s famous, that person is trying to blackmail him, sending him pictures he took of them kissing and threatening to release them to the press if he isn’t paid. He tries to pay the money and keep it a secret, but Jared (or Jensen) eventually finds out. Rather than being shocked or disgusted, he helps him get rid of the blackmailer, and then…
  1. J2 or Wincest- Domestic puppy play. As in, not for sex, and not as BDSM, but just because someone (I’m thinking Jared, since he loves animals) likes to put on puppy ears and relieve stress by romping around on all fours, while his partner makes sure he doesn’t chew any shoes or anything. You can find out more about puppy play here.
  1. Wincest or gen- In college, Sam needed to get money (no, this is not a hooker bunny), so he started working for a modeling agency. One day (either before or after Sam leaves Stanford), Dean is flipping through old waiting room magazines while in the hospital getting some hunting-related injuries looked at, and finds his little brother’s picture in a jeans ad, shirtless and very sexy.
Case fics
  1. While investigating some deaths that seem to have connections to the supernatural, Sam and Dean meet a woman who is putting salt around her house. Her neighbors shake their heads and say she’s schizophrenic, but it’s not true- she knows the truth about everything, including what’s behind the mysterious deaths.
  1. You remember 4x5 Monster Movie? I’d like to see the boys end up in a board game somehow. Maybe they have to follow clues left by some delusional monster, or go through a maze it’s built around its lair.
  1. While staying in a little town on Halloween, Sam and Dean suddenly find themselves surrounded by monsters- and princesses, and superheroes. Something is making people turn into what they dress up as. They have to fight off the fake monsters- without actually killing or maiming them- and hunt down the thing responsible, so they can kill it and turn everyone back to normal.
  1. Young Winchesters and Halloween. Did John let them dress up? Did they try to hunt fake monsters? (I can totally see wee!Dean with a salt shaker chasing after a kid with a sheet over his head.)
  1. Dean or John teaches Sam his ABC’s using hunting terms (A is for Apocalypse…)
  1. John catches his boys watching Casper the Friendly Ghost and decides to tell them how wrong the movie is.
  1. While his father is busy preparing for a hunt, Dean takes it upon himself to bake a cake for Sammy’s birthday (and probably makes a huge mess while he’s at it).
  1. not so wee- What did Sam’s dorm room at Stanford look like? How did he decorate? How did he get along with his roommate? Did he maybe, just maybe, keep some salt hidden in his nightstand?
  1. RPF- Jensen and Jared go to a Supernatural convention pretending to be role-players (somehow no one realizes who they are- for a while, at least).
  1. SPN/Twilight crossover- The Winchesters hunt the Cullens. (Kind of like the ‘And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.’ idea, but with the boys instead of Buffy.)
  1. SPN/RPF crossover- Stranger Than Fiction (read about it here)

Thanks for reading. If you can adopt even one bunny, I would really love it! Hopefully there's something here for just about everyone.


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